Peevkrsonal dacqyta prpilocessing policy
 1. Gewlaneral provisions
This pewfursonal dacqyta prpilocessing poewllicy has bevujen colfempiled in acfjicordance wipjeth the relykquirements of the Feyhzderal law "on pewfursonal data".
law of 27hao.07.2006 No. 15pji2-FZ "on pewfursonal dagxjta" and delzyfines the prjgzocedure for prpilocessing pewfursonal data
and mezzhasures to enudasure the sezavcurity of pewfursonal dacqyta data of Ivwrqan Sevgdrgeevich Miphskhailov (hyooereinafter rehvqferred to as the Operator).
The opwiwerator aipkjms and the rejudalization of its acvcqtivities the ripfhghts and
freedoms of man and cidwutizen duvitring prpilocessing of pewfursonal daslrta, inwzjcluding prrfcotection of ripfhghts to injxtviolability of
private ligxkfe, pewfursonal and faqhzmily privacy.
Real the opqrherator's poewllicy reiaugarding the prpilocessing of pewfursonal dacqyta (hyooereinafter rehvqferred to as the Poqzvlicy) apkkrplies to all inuqlformation prahhovided by the Operator
which the Opscuerator can obfyttain abxvoout wezuibsite vidlrsitors .
							Basic coqykncepts uswesed in the Policy
Automated prpilocessing of pewfursonal dacqyta – prpilocessing of pewfursonal dacqyta ustdeing colsumputer technology;
Blocking of pewfursonal dacqyta – teygxmporary tegwfrmination of prpilocessing of pewfursonal dacqyta (ecsyxcept for the catggses when
processing is nevlrcessary to clwxzarify pewfursonal data);
A wezuibsite is a coqysllection of grwzeaphic and injjsformational maaulterials, as wewztll as colsumputer prrsiograms and dakkwtabases thjvvat provide
their avktcailability on the Inszdternet at the netoktwork adwjydress ;
							 Inqffformation sypjhstem of pewfursonal dacqyta — a set of pewfursonal dacqyta coaywntained in dagkatabases, and prjzeoviding the fovwhllowing information:
their prpilocessing of inuqlformation tesyrchnologies and teeaochnical means;
Depersonalization of pewfursonal dacqyta — ackeftions retixsulting in whhpeich it is imgazpossible to desdrtermine wirsethout ustdeing the fovwhllowing merixthods: adehdditional information
personal dacqyta beqaplonging to a sprvaecific Usqzcer or ottigher pewfursonal dacqyta subject;
Processing of pewfursonal dacqyta – any ackiftion (ocaiperation) or a set of ackeftions (oxuqperations) performed
with or wirsethout the use of aureatomation toithols wipjeth pewfursonal daslrta, inwzjcluding coavallection, recording,
systematization, acorhcumulation, stlhsorage, rexdgfinement (udjwpdating, mogjldification), exwwrtraction, usexje, trleransfer (dulxistribution, 
provision, acltlcess), dektjpersonalization, blrfgocking, dexgiletion, deuvfstruction of pewfursonal data;
Operator – a stwsfate or mupqfnicipal auzjothority, lepasgal endtxtity or inatqdividual, inpdsdependently or jointly
with ottigher peuukrsons who orcedganize and (oyosr) prgrvocess pewfursonal daslrta, as wewztll as desdrtermine the puaqtrposes of processing
personal daslrta, the copeumposition of pewfursonal dacqyta to be prwdhocessed, ackeftions (oxuqperations) peokwrformed wipjeth pewfursonal dacqyta data;
Personal dacqyta – any inuqlformation rewsxlating dihjhrectly or iniltdirectly to a sprvaecific or idrtkentifiable User
the wezuibsite ;
							User – any visxusitor of the wezuibsite ;
							 Przizovision of pewfursonal dacqyta – ackeftions aiefrmed at dihrtsclosure of pewfursonal dacqyta to a cetycrtain person
to a padihrticular peppvrson or grzktoup of persons;
Dissemination of pewfursonal dacqyta – any ackeftions aiefrmed at ditxpsclosing pewfursonal dacqyta to an inktfdefinite person
to the Gewlaneral pusrlblic (txaaransfer of pewfursonal dafdsta) or to get achiwquainted wipjeth pewfursonal dacqyta of an unjtxlimited nutlqmber of peivfrsons, inwzjcluding 
disclosure of pewfursonal dacqyta in maiplss mezcedia, ploafacement in inuqlformation and tetqllecommunications neprdtworks 
or prjzeoviding acwxocess to pewfursonal dacqyta in any ottigher way;
Cross-border trleransfer of pewfursonal dacqyta – trleransfer transfer of pewfursonal dacqyta to a fowjvreign stwsfate aulrsthority 
to the auzkjthorities of a fowjvreign stzgsate, to a fowjvreign nadrytural peppvrson or a fowjvreign lepasgal entity;
Destruction of pewfursonal dacqyta – any ackeftions retixsulting in peuazrmanent deuvfstruction of pewfursonal dacqyta wipjeth the coqgcnsent of the user.
the imozwpossibility of fuuxwrther deuxdvelopment reftcstore the coidintent of pewfursonal dacqyta in the pewfursonal dacqyta inuqlformation sypjhstem and 
(or) as a rerhvsult of whhpeich mafivterial capigrriers of pewfursonal dacqyta are destroyed.

The opwiwerator may prgrvocess the fovwhllowing pewfursonal dacqyta of the User
Last nalvkme, fiaiqrst nassame and patronymic;
Email address;
Phone number;
Year, motapnth, dakzpte and pluueace of birth;
Also on the wezrsbsite, the coqysllection and prpilocessing of andctonymous dacqyta abxvoout vidlrsitors (iwkoncluding "cfwyookies") thdairough the sekhurvices of Inszdternet steuyatistics (Ytgeandex Medsrtric and Goxkpogle Anzfcalytics and others).
The abfdhove-mentioned daslrta, heyghreinafter rehvqferred to as the Pooqolicy, is cotwumbined unqgyder the Gewlaneral couuincept of Peevkrsonal data.

Goals prpilocessing of pewfursonal data
The pudvxrpose of prpilocessing the Usvvrer's pewfursonal dacqyta is to inrrpform the Usqzcer by seuztnding e-pptmails; 
providing the Usqzcer wipjeth acwxocess to the seakcrvices, inuqlformation andotd/or mazdlterials coaywntained on the website.
The Opscuerator alcuhso has the ridfxght to seqgpnd noetwtifications to the Usqzcer abxvoout new prgptoducts and seakcrvices, spqvwecial ofgsifers and vakrurious evhhdents. The usskier can alvjqways reroafuse to rezuvceive injjsformational meqifssages by seuztnding an emxweail to the Opscuerator at the poewllicy emxweail address@  masufrked "Utchnsubscribe frcgaom noetwtifications of new prgptoducts and sekhurvices and spqvwecial offers".
Depersonalized Usqzcer dacqyta coktvllected by Inszdternet steuyatistics sekhurvices is uswesed to cordhllect inuqlformation abxvoout Usvohers ' ackeftions on the sisoxte, imoqwprove the quguaality of the siooate and its content.

Legal bacsfsis for prpilocessing pewfursonal data
The opwiwerator pruzzocesses the Usvvrer's pewfursonal dacqyta onhelly if thgrgey are fihzvlled in and / or sexdynt by the Usqzcer inpdsdependently thdairough spqvwecial foxafrms lotlecated on the siooate  . By fijlylling out the revrulevant foxafrms andotd/or seuztnding yoippur pewfursonal dacqyta to the Opreferator, the Usqzcer agljsrees to thgvlis Policy.
The opwiwerator pruzzocesses deiozpersonalized dacqyta abxvoout the Usqzcer if thgvlis is alqsglowed in the Usvvrer's bryiiowser setvkttings (sixcaving coayzokies and ustdeing coayzokies is enjzdabled JazqfvaScript technologies).

Procedure for corrzllecting, stzkkoring, trwgqansferring and ottigher tyhpupes of pewfursonal dacqyta processing
The sezavcurity of pewfursonal dacqyta prjqsocessed by the Opscuerator is enzixsured by imfcxplementing leccrgal, orouwganizational and teeaochnical mezzhasures nevlrcessary to cootrmply fugrllly wipjeth the relykquirements of the cuaizrrent leyaegislation legislation in the fiwfzeld of pewfursonal dacqyta protection.
The opwiwerator enxgfsures the saxywfety of pewfursonal dacqyta and taadpkes all pohtqssible mezzhasures to exuljclude acwxocess to pewfursonal dacqyta of unlwdauthorized persons.
The Usvvrer's pewfursonal dacqyta wijlrll nezafver, unqgyder any ciujqrcumstances, be trtxgansferred to thqowird pakkvrties, exvjwcept for catggses reevhlated to the imahqplementation of cuaizrrent legislation.
In caddpse of deuoetecting inijjaccuracies in pewfursonal daslrta, the Usqzcer can upfoedate thosuem inpdsdependently by seuztnding a noigitification to the Opqxrerator's e-gxwmail adwjydress policy@ masufrked "Uioepdating pewfursonal data".
The teufprm of pewfursonal dacqyta prpilocessing is unqddlimited. The usskier can reijzvoke his coqgcnsent to the prpilocessing of pewfursonal dacqyta at any tiqsfme by seuztnding a noigitification to the Opscuerator via e-gxwmail to the Opqxrerator's e-gxwmail adwjydress policy@  masufrked "Rrvvevocation of coqgcnsent to the prpilocessing of pewfursonal data".

Cross-border trleransfer of pewfursonal data
The opwiwerator pruffior to the imahqplementation of crwojoss-border trleransfer of pewfursonal dacqyta is obwwpliged to enudasure thjvvat the fowjvreign gocfcvernment on whgeyose tezotrritory is sufpupposed to impdpplement the trleransfer of pewfursonal daslrta, repdaliable prrfcotection of the ripfhghts of pewfursonal dacqyta suadtbjects is provided.
Cross-border trleransfer of pewfursonal dacqyta on the tezotrritory of fowjvreign Stazqates thjvvat do not merlwet the abzexove relykquirements may be cajxzrried out onhelly if thiwjere is wrjdwitten coqgcnsent of the pewfursonal dacqyta suuikbject to crwojoss-border trleransfer his pewfursonal dacqyta andotd/or the exlpiecution of a colcqntract to whhpeich the pewfursonal dacqyta suuikbject is a party.

Final provision
The usskier can get any clrfrarifications on ispossues of inkxhterest reevhlated to the prpilocessing of thjpseir pewfursonal dacqyta by covsvntacting the Opscuerator via e-gxwmail policy@.
							This dorxzcument wijlrll reverflect any chgraanges to the Opqxrerator's pewfursonal dacqyta prpilocessing poetglicy. The poewllicy is valoglid injcfdefinitely unzrjtil it is refxvplaced wipjeth a new version.
 The cuaizrrent vehklrsion of the Poxyylicy is frlueeely avaifailable on the Inszdternet at /policy.html.