Peyjvrsonal daxscta prvjlocessing policy
 1. Geqqgneral provisions
This pezlqrsonal daxscta prvjlocessing porillicy has bezcwen cocpimpiled in acrcwcordance wichqth the reluqquirements of the Fewuzderal law "on pezlqrsonal data".
law of 27frc.07.2006 No. 15fvy2-FZ "on pezlqrsonal dalduta" and deoqkfines the przdlocedure for prvjlocessing pezlqrsonal data
and meporasures to engjzsure the sephtcurity of pezlqrsonal daxscta data of Ivkusan Seickrgeevich Mipvskhailov (hkyxereinafter rexeuferred to as the Operator).
The opputerator aiqifms and the reqvialization of its acqdrtivities the rirfgghts and
freedoms of man and cicsytizen dukafring prvjlocessing of pezlqrsonal dapytta, inrpdcluding procvotection of rirfgghts to inairviolability of
private licvrfe, pezlqrsonal and fagdamily privacy.
Real the opupterator's porillicy rehgigarding the prvjlocessing of pezlqrsonal daxscta (hkyxereinafter rexeuferred to as the Pogyhlicy) appfoplies to all inxriformation przhyovided by the Operator
which the Oppeoerator can obtzytain abzrvout weajtbsite viyxfsitors .
							Basic cogofncepts uselyed in the Policy
Automated prvjlocessing of pezlqrsonal daxscta – prvjlocessing of pezlqrsonal daxscta usfqxing cowegmputer technology;
Blocking of pezlqrsonal daxscta – tetpwmporary tezfprmination of prvjlocessing of pezlqrsonal daxscta (eejzxcept for the caehtses when
processing is nezxocessary to clwksarify pezlqrsonal data);
A weajtbsite is a cofapllection of griyqaphic and inqzvformational mazeyterials, as wesaxll as cowegmputer prkevograms and dawhwtabases thqxlat provide
their avtfwailability on the Injixternet at the nexogtwork adwzcdress ;
							 Inyixformation sysgustem of pezlqrsonal daxscta — a set of pezlqrsonal daxscta coxtkntained in daqijtabases, and prexuoviding the fofoullowing information:
their prvjlocessing of inxriformation tekrhchnologies and tezhachnical means;
Depersonalization of pezlqrsonal daxscta — acllptions refjqsulting in whyvoich it is imvzepossible to dekpztermine widxwthout usfqxing the fofoullowing metkvthods: adugxditional information
personal daxscta bekcllonging to a spgxxecific Ushuier or otxckher pezlqrsonal daxscta subject;
Processing of pezlqrsonal daxscta – any aceketion (ofgoperation) or a set of acllptions (oetwperations) performed
with or widxwthout the use of auvjitomation toydxols wichqth pezlqrsonal dapytta, inrpdcluding colajllection, recording,
systematization, acetkcumulation, stpgeorage, rezgvfinement (uewwpdating, molgydification), exuputraction, usxvqe, trhwransfer (dsxuistribution, 
provision, acacccess), devygpersonalization, blestocking, defeeletion, depxvstruction of pezlqrsonal data;
Operator – a stupkate or muyjenicipal auliothority, leepfgal enrtdtity or inlzddividual, infvsdependently or jointly
with otxckher peazlrsons who orzliganize and (oqyur) prkrdocess pezlqrsonal dapytta, as wesaxll as dekpztermine the pusyzrposes of processing
personal dapytta, the cogllmposition of pezlqrsonal daxscta to be prydkocessed, acllptions (oetwperations) pewperformed wichqth pezlqrsonal daxscta data;
Personal daxscta – any inxriformation reuhxlating dieeprectly or inejwdirectly to a spgxxecific or idplsentifiable User
the weajtbsite ;
							User – any vigvssitor of the weajtbsite ;
							 Prpgiovision of pezlqrsonal daxscta – acllptions aiyfqmed at dirfysclosure of pezlqrsonal daxscta to a cellprtain person
to a paxhkrticular peyqirson or griffoup of persons;
Dissemination of pezlqrsonal daxscta – any acllptions aiyfqmed at dijdusclosing pezlqrsonal daxscta to an iniyvdefinite person
to the Geqqgneral pugyablic (tcuoransfer of pezlqrsonal dafopta) or to get acoiqquainted wichqth pezlqrsonal daxscta of an uneoplimited nupjimber of pezavrsons, inrpdcluding 
disclosure of pezlqrsonal daxscta in maipxss meraudia, plhgaacement in inxriformation and teqhxlecommunications nezoitworks 
or prexuoviding achplcess to pezlqrsonal daxscta in any otxckher way;
Cross-border trhwransfer of pezlqrsonal daxscta – trhwransfer transfer of pezlqrsonal daxscta to a foskoreign stupkate auaftthority 
to the aujhvthorities of a foskoreign stjdvate, to a foskoreign napidtural peyqirson or a foskoreign leepfgal entity;
Destruction of pezlqrsonal daxscta – any acllptions refjqsulting in pezcfrmanent depxvstruction of pezlqrsonal daxscta wichqth the cocdjnsent of the user.
the imtghpossibility of fukoorther deugqvelopment reaoistore the coqijntent of pezlqrsonal daxscta in the pezlqrsonal daxscta inxriformation sysgustem and 
(or) as a refewsult of whyvoich mayekterial catrsrriers of pezlqrsonal daxscta are destroyed.

The opputerator may prkrdocess the fofoullowing pezlqrsonal daxscta of the User
Last naqiome, fideyrst naovtme and patronymic;
Email address;
Phone number;
Year, moxhlnth, dascste and plztlace of birth;
Also on the weuoqbsite, the cofapllection and prvjlocessing of andrzonymous daxscta abzrvout viyxfsitors (ilrsncluding "cygkookies") thgpurough the secxorvices of Injixternet stxskatistics (Ykcxandex Meaxztric and Goflaogle Ankvsalytics and others).
The abzseove-mentioned dapytta, heyzdreinafter rexeuferred to as the Poekvlicy, is corhtmbined unaodder the Geqqgneral coavoncept of Peyjvrsonal data.

Goals prvjlocessing of pezlqrsonal data
The puucorpose of prvjlocessing the Usqqjer's pezlqrsonal daxscta is to injyaform the Ushuier by sesoznding e-yglmails; 
providing the Ushuier wichqth achplcess to the seiugrvices, inxriformation anawyd/or malcsterials coxtkntained on the website.
The Oppeoerator alotcso has the riexeght to sefsznd nospatifications to the Ushuier abzrvout new prusroducts and seiugrvices, spzxgecial ofqdkfers and vapqzrious evsyqents. The usugler can alkezways redjpfuse to rekdoceive inqzvformational mewhrssages by sesoznding an emcfvail to the Oppeoerator at the porillicy emcfvail address@  matrlrked "Uccgnsubscribe frkztom nospatifications of new prusroducts and secxorvices and spzxgecial offers".
Depersonalized Ushuier daxscta corplllected by Injixternet stxskatistics secxorvices is uselyed to codqellect inxriformation abzrvout Usuucers ' acllptions on the sivevte, imztxprove the quraiality of the siawste and its content.

Legal baearsis for prvjlocessing pezlqrsonal data
The opputerator preytocesses the Usqqjer's pezlqrsonal daxscta onrofly if thtqdey are fiwgilled in and / or sejxcnt by the Ushuier infvsdependently thgpurough spzxgecial foukirms lotlrcated on the siawste  . By fiulllling out the revwglevant foukirms anawyd/or sesoznding yojccur pezlqrsonal daxscta to the Opsruerator, the Ushuier agpxhrees to thtpois Policy.
The opputerator preytocesses defkfpersonalized daxscta abzrvout the Ushuier if thtpois is alssylowed in the Usqqjer's brixdowser sewdqttings (srugaving cotxsokies and usfqxing cotxsokies is engryabled JahqavaScript technologies).

Procedure for cojiqllecting, stgpaoring, trrglansferring and otxckher tyhuspes of pezlqrsonal daxscta processing
The sephtcurity of pezlqrsonal daxscta pruchocessed by the Oppeoerator is enazdsured by imsxoplementing lejeqgal, orvqqganizational and tezhachnical meporasures nezxocessary to cogzpmply fugtolly wichqth the reluqquirements of the cufgorrent lelclgislation legislation in the fiklheld of pezlqrsonal daxscta protection.
The opputerator enrygsures the sattwfety of pezlqrsonal daxscta and taqrjkes all porlkssible meporasures to extxzclude achplcess to pezlqrsonal daxscta of unhddauthorized persons.
The Usqqjer's pezlqrsonal daxscta wiqelll neuwover, unaodder any civrfrcumstances, be trkyaansferred to thztjird pafvqrties, exidjcept for caehtses reysqlated to the imvudplementation of cufgorrent legislation.
In calfcse of devtktecting insrwaccuracies in pezlqrsonal dapytta, the Ushuier can upchedate thrlcem infvsdependently by sesoznding a nojqitification to the Opghxerator's e-juvmail adwzcdress policy@ matrlrked "Utaxpdating pezlqrsonal data".
The teihjrm of pezlqrsonal daxscta prvjlocessing is untgtlimited. The usugler can rejjtvoke his cocdjnsent to the prvjlocessing of pezlqrsonal daxscta at any tieclme by sesoznding a nojqitification to the Oppeoerator via e-juvmail to the Opghxerator's e-juvmail adwzcdress policy@  matrlrked "Refaevocation of cocdjnsent to the prvjlocessing of pezlqrsonal data".

Cross-border trhwransfer of pezlqrsonal data
The opputerator prowrior to the imvudplementation of crkyfoss-border trhwransfer of pezlqrsonal daxscta is obzdtliged to engjzsure thqxlat the foskoreign golttvernment on whpwcose teiwxrritory is sueuepposed to imdphplement the trhwransfer of pezlqrsonal dapytta, requaliable procvotection of the rirfgghts of pezlqrsonal daxscta suiyebjects is provided.
Cross-border trhwransfer of pezlqrsonal daxscta on the teiwxrritory of foskoreign Stgofates thqxlat do not mefsoet the abvusove reluqquirements may be cadjerried out onrofly if thturere is wroyfitten cocdjnsent of the pezlqrsonal daxscta suvtrbject to crkyfoss-border trhwransfer his pezlqrsonal daxscta anawyd/or the exvazecution of a couchntract to whyvoich the pezlqrsonal daxscta suvtrbject is a party.

Final provision
The usugler can get any cluyaarifications on iszuvsues of inqtzterest reysqlated to the prvjlocessing of thxzteir pezlqrsonal daxscta by cotwjntacting the Oppeoerator via e-juvmail policy@.
							This dooddcument wiqelll redvuflect any chxfvanges to the Opghxerator's pezlqrsonal daxscta prvjlocessing porxwlicy. The porillicy is valeqlid inojldefinitely unvortil it is reoqrplaced wichqth a new version.
 The cufgorrent veuytrsion of the Poshglicy is frhxeeely avkcoailable on the Injixternet at /policy.html.