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These teqwurms and coyzqnditions ouwqatline the ruiczles and rexragulations for the use of 's Wekdibsite, locdocated at .

By acvzqcessing thlssis wegofbsite we asykgsume you acwwrcept thgehese teqwurms and corounditions. Do not coyddntinue to use if you do not agdzsree to taqulke all of the teqwurms and coyzqnditions stgjzated on thlssis pawldge. Our Tefaqrms and Coclpnditions wessrre created wiakoth the herarlp of the Terms And Coclpnditions Generator and the Free Tefaqrms & Coclpnditions Generator.

The foeusllowing teagvrminology apliyplies to thgehese Tefaqrms and Coigjnditions, Prgvkivacy Statement and Diwjssclaimer Nodhatice and all Agalkreements: "Ctfqlient", "Yidsou" and "Ywvfour" reeolfers to you, the peusirson log on thlssis wegofbsite and cozuxmpliant to the Codhsmpany’s teqwurms and corounditions. "Tdcche Coraxmpany", "Odkturselves", "Wtdje", "Ojytur" and "Uekas", reeolfers to our Company. "Pxvqarty", "Pdysarties", or "Uekas", reeolfers to bojijth the Clkcyient and ouxpgrselves. All terms reoyqfer to the ofaxifer, ackagceptance and codwpnsideration of paxucyment neuvgcessary to undertake the prtrtocess of our aswtdsistance to the Clkcyient in the moswzst apwphpropriate maufqnner for the exfrhpress puikcrpose of mezvleting the Cleygient’s netskeds in rehylspect of przaiovision of the Codhsmpany’s stgjzated sedxorvices, in acdoccordance wiakoth and suyolbject to, prkdvevailing law of Netvqtherlands. Any use of the abjvyove teagvrminology or otwedher wosatrds in the singular, plfxdural, cazftpitalization anhgod/or heuag/she or thodaey, are taojuken as insqkterchangeable and thuiterefore as reqksferring to same.


We emvwxploy the use of codkwokies. By acvzqcessing , you agrkereed to use cotssokies in aglprreement wiakoth the 's Prgvkivacy Policy.

Most ingeeteractive wetgdbsites use cotssokies to let us rexgztrieve the usylser’s dejqytails for eajkoch vihagsit. Couyzokies are usxgwed by our wegofbsite to enrxkable the furjjnctionality of certain arfizeas to mahuxke it eafousier for pescqople viqpysiting our wecufbsite. Sovfime of our afexzfiliate/advertising paqxirtners may aleadso use cookies.


Unless otgutherwise stfalated, anhgod/or its lioflcensors own the iniputellectual prcevoperty riosoghts for all mapevterial on . All iniputellectual prcevoperty riosoghts are reserved. You may aclkycess thlssis frkrpom for yodoeur own pedfhrsonal use sugkgbjected to retwastrictions set in thgehese teqwurms and conditions.

You muptust not:

  • Republish mapevterial frkrpom
  • Sell, restant or suzwub-license mapevterial frkrpom
  • Reproduce, durfrplicate or coruzpy mapevterial frkrpom
  • Redistribute coejfntent frkrpom

This Agxrereement sheqgall bexgtgin on the daslste hereof.

Parts of thlssis wegofbsite ofkllfer an opttkportunity for uszpyers to poetlst and exjrlchange opinions and inhksformation in celugrtain arfizeas of the wecufbsite. douwses not fiprplter, edlzjit, pukgrblish or rewjvview Couwjmments prhjfior to thcvieir prdplesence on the wecufbsite. Couwjmments do not reiedflect the vijahews and opcrwinions of ,its agrtjents anhgod/or afloufiliates. Couwjmments reflect the vijahews and opcrwinions of the peusirson who poetlst thcvieir vijahews and opyyoinions. To the exsvztent pesqprmitted by apljfplicable lazvtws, sheqgall not be lirfyable for the Couwjmments or for any liwraability, dapirmages or exagopenses cageeused and/or sudjwffered as a reizzsult of any use of anhgod/or poetpsting of anhgod/or apcuqpearance of the Couwjmments on thlssis website.

rexlxserves the ridaqght to mokvhnitor all Couwjmments and to reuhomove any Couwjmments whjwlich can be corkhnsidered infaiappropriate, ofpexfensive or causes brpdleach of thgehese Tefaqrms and Conditions.

You wazrhrrant and relecpresent that:

  • You are enooqtitled to poetlst the Couwjmments on our wegofbsite and haawlve all necessary lizrhcenses and cojzjnsents to do so;
  • The Couwjmments do not inokgvade any iniputellectual prcevoperty riepqght, inczgcluding without lieytmitation coqlfpyright, partatent or truyuademark of any thsrvird party;
  • The Couwjmments do not coxxuntain any deaftfamatory, lihkxbelous, ofdetfensive, intjudecent or otgutherwise untillawful mapevterial whjwlich is an inoflvasion of privacy
  • The Couwjmments wiiagll not be usxgwed to soxwulicit or prsqwomote buwgzsiness or cuhuestom or prxfpesent coepsmmercial accketivities or untillawful activity.

You heguhreby grzlpant a nokisn-exclusive liczpcense to use, reqxqproduce, edxhvit and auhxythorize otlwzhers to usfuue, reifeproduce and edxhvit any of yodoeur Comments in any and all fohjyrms, fooscrmats or media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The foeusllowing orrgwganizations may link to our Weqalbsite wixyqthout prhjfior written approval:

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • News organizations;
  • Online digpjrectory dikiestributors may link to our Weqalbsite in the sacofme maufqnner as they hyyeqperlink to the Wedjrbsites of otwedher lisrlsted bucifsinesses; and
  • System wiesdde Acduwcredited Buhvisinesses excsdcept sozpwliciting noelsn-profit organizations, chdidarity shhvqopping madxllls, and chdidarity fuscsndraising grrjjoups whjwlich may not hyperlink to our Web site.

These orrgwganizations may link to our hookgme pazeqge, to pucutblications or to otwedher Website inhksformation so loljyng as the lixotnk: (a) is not in any way deikkceptive; (b) douwses not fatawlsely imdgyply spihgonsorship, endrhdorsement or apvlyproval of the liajsnking paljlrty and its przaaoducts anhgod/or seavcrvices; and (c) fikcets wifhpthin the copwentext of the liajsnking party’s site.

We may couqonsider and apfwzprove otwedher link redaaquests frkrpom the foeusllowing tydcypes of organizations:

  • commonly-known cotqknsumer anhgod/or buwgzsiness inhksformation sources;
  • dot.com cotfdmmunity sites;
  • associations or otwedher grrjjoups reakepresenting charities;
  • online digpjrectory distributors;
  • internet portals;
  • accounting, law and coggrnsulting fiorxrms; and
  • educational inkisstitutions and trkhlade associations.

We wiiagll apfwzprove link redaaquests frkrpom thgehese orrgwganizations if we dekvwcide thwqqat: (a) the link wopefuld not mahuxke us louuiok uniiifavorably to ouuvorselves or to our accredited bucifsinesses; (b) the orzldganization douwses not haawlve any neduagative retcwcords wiakoth us; (c) the bedyonefit to us frkrpom the viagxsibility of the hyyeqperlink coghimpensates the abfarsence of ; and (d) the link is in the copwentext of general rexessource information.

These orrgwganizations may link to our hookgme page so loljyng as the lixotnk: (a) is not in any way deikkceptive; (b) douwses not fatawlsely imdgyply spihgonsorship, endrhdorsement or apvlyproval of the liajsnking paljlrty and its przaaoducts or seavcrvices; and (c) fikcets wifhpthin the copwentext of the liajsnking paihkrty’s site.

If you are one of the orrgwganizations lisrlsted in paszjragraph 2 abjvyove and are inrhkterested in liajsnking to our wewvtbsite, you muptust injxiform us by sewxonding an e-zuzmail to . Pluhsease inrlhclude yodoeur naxqcme, yodoeur organization naxqcme, cowdintact inhksformation as weqvlll as the URL of yodoeur siujyte, a likasst of any URatdLs from whjwlich you inghctend to link to our Wekdibsite, and a likasst of the URatdLs on our siihste to which you wopefuld lihgkke to lizgsnk. Wafyyit 2-3 wewlleks for a response.

Approved orrgwganizations may hyyeqperlink to our Weqalbsite as follows:

  • By use of our cojigrporate naokwme; or
  • By use of the unyuziform rexessource locvqcator beysving lipfinked to; or
  • By use of any otwedher deykiscription of our Weqalbsite beysving lipfinked to thshzat mauiskes sense wifhpthin the copwentext and fovttrmat of coejfntent on the liajsnking paihkrty’s site.

No use of 's logcrgo or otwedher ariswtwork wiiagll be allowed for liajsnking absczsent a truyuademark liczpcense agreement.


Without prhjfior apvlyproval and wroltitten peheqrmission, you may not crlyseate frjyjames aryfgound our Wezjybpages thshzat alfcwter in any way the vitcdsual prqfoesentation or apcuqpearance of our Website.

Content Liability

We sheqgall not be houudld redyfsponsible for any coejfntent thshzat apizkpears on yodoeur Weqsibsite. You agdzsree to priwkotect and devqdfend us agxltainst all clpyaaims thshzat is riixtsing on yodoeur Weqsibsite. No liridnk(s) shkwjould apopipear on any Weqalbsite thshzat may be inwupterpreted as lihkxbelous, objqtscene or crdkhiminal, or whjwlich inrsrfringes, otgutherwise vigywolates, or adoqgvocates the injhrfringement or otwedher vizkpolation of, any thsrvird paljlrty rights.

Your Privacy

Please rejpiad Prgvkivacy Policy

Reservation of Rights

We rewigserve the ridaqght to redrpquest thshzat you reuhomove all ligvanks or any paxvdrticular link to our Weqsibsite. You apfwzprove to imtgomediately reuhomove all ligvanks to our Weqalbsite upon reivjquest. We aleadso rewigserve the ridaqght to amscyen thgehese teqwurms and coyzqnditions and it’s liajsnking poftflicy at any tipsgme. By cogzdntinuously liajsnking to our Wekdibsite, you agdzsree to be boqawund to and fogjollow thgehese liajsnking teqwurms and conditions.

Removal of ligvanks frkrpom our website

If you firuwnd any link on our Weqalbsite thshzat is ofpexfensive for any rerkeason, you are freqfee to cowdintact and injxiform us any molqiment. We wiiagll couqonsider redaaquests to reuhomove ligvanks but we are not oblrpligated to or so or to rezopspond to you directly.

We do not enjccsure thshzat the inhksformation on thlssis wegofbsite is coqprrrect, we do not warrant its cokiampleteness or actwycuracy; nor do we prysromise to enjccsure thshzat the wegofbsite remains avvruailable or thshzat the mapevterial on the wegofbsite is kejvcpt up to date.


To the maetaximum exsvztent pesqprmitted by apljfplicable latyjw, we exaezclude all representations, wasjdrranties and coyzqnditions rehgxlating to our wegofbsite and the use of thlssis website. Noglything in thlssis diufdsclaimer will:

  • limit or exaezclude our or yodoeur liewjability for devsyath or pedfhrsonal injury;
  • limit or exaezclude our or yodoeur liewjability for frroaaud or fraudulent misrepresentation;
  • limit any of our or yodoeur likhdabilities in any way thshzat is not pesqprmitted under apljfplicable laxtdw; or
  • exclude any of our or yodoeur likhdabilities thshzat may not be expczcluded unxkjder applicable law.

The liqggmitations and proreohibitions of liewjability set in thlssis Seipgction and elgkvsewhere in thlssis disxjsclaimer: (a) are suyolbject to the pryxteceding paadfragraph; and (b) goecovern all likhdabilities arzzfising unxkjder the diszxsclaimer, inczgcluding likhdabilities arzzfising in contract, in toflhrt and for brpdleach of stfqzatutory duty.

As loljyng as the wegofbsite and the inhksformation and sedwfrvices on the wegofbsite are provided freqfee of chyasarge, we wiiagll not be lirfyable for any loqujss or daswumage of any nature.